Safety & Introduction

-Neil deGrasse Tyson

"Let's say intelligence is your ability to compose poetry, symphonies, do art, math and science. Chimps can't do any of that, yet we share 99 percent DNA. Everything that we are, that distinguishes us from chimps, emerges from that one-percent difference."

Lesson Resources & Laboratory Investigations

The Human Body

Muscular System Reading Assignment

Circulatory System Notes

Digestion Laboratory Investigation

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List of Safety Rules

Biochemistry Notes

Biochemistry Video Lecture

Lactase Enzyme Laboratory Investigation

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Normal Body Flora Reading Assignment

Cells Notes

Cells Video Lecture

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Build a Finch Beak STEM Lab

Evolution Notes

Phylogenetic Tree Laboratory Investigation

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Ecology Vocabulary Homework Sheet

Human Impact on the Environment Notes

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High School Biology Resources

Regents Review

Organization of Life Review Reading Assignment

Cells Review Reading Assignment

Reproduction Review Reading Assignment

Genetics Review Reading Assignment

Evolution Review Reading Assignment

Ecology Review Reading Assignment

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Human Anatomy & Physiology Resources


Cosmos Episode 2 Movie Sheet

Mankind Rising Movie Sheet

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Integumentary System and Skeletal System

Knee Repair Reading Assignment

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Forensic Science Resources

Michigan v. Tyler & Mincey v. Arizona Reading Assignments

Crime Scene Procedures Reading Assignment

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